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Visit the "station" family: odd jobs and Beijing City – neither friendly nor aloof 40 year old Duan Baoyang (a pseudonym) recently with the Kunming Songming County Yangqiao Songyang Street human resources service center signed the first half of the employment contract to a local company to do the cleaning staff, a monthly salary of 2400 yuan. Like Duan Baoyang station (non formal employment, Yunnan locals call the "station" – reporters note), there are thousands of people in Yangqiao, up to a maximum of more than 7 thousand people. In late August of this year, in order to service these non formal employment, Songyang Street Yangqiao human resources service center formally run. "Station workers are a group of City builders, silent dedication of the labor force, their contribution should be the concern of the community and certainly." Center responsible person said. Work station work day money two km from the Songming County Yangqiao Town, is one of the largest in Songming, vegetable and flower logistics, large livestock and scrap metal and other large transactions every day, requires a lot of labor, thus attracting the attention of Yunnan Dongchuan, Huize, Zhaotong, Guizhou and other places of migrant workers. According to statistics, Songyang street, 2015, migrant workers registered in Yangqiao have 25 thousand people. At present, such as Yangqiao migrant workers, in some public space for dispatch work, the spontaneous formation of the labor market in Kunming, there are a number of others, has existed for many years. Such a non formal employment platform, the villagers are known as the station market". Station workers mainly engaged in handling, landscaping, demolition, construction and other jobs, the work day wages. Du (a pseudonym) every morning 3 arrive in Kunming near the old city of Chenggong square, clutching a hoe. In order to find work station workers will bring some common tools. Du Maineng felt the tension when the boss of growing vegetables came over a three wheeled motorcycle. Everybody swarmed to bargain with the owner of all sorts of gossip, the price quickly settled, Du and 6 other people climb the tricycle. This day’s work is to get fresh cut flowers in the field, and then tied to the truck loaded with flowers, about 150 yuan a day to earn. According to the rules of the station market, two or three a.m. station workers, mainly to find vegetables harvest, transport and other work, the station is looking for work in the early morning of six or seven, logistics, loading and unloading work. The 45 year old Du Zhaotong from Yunnan to Kunming to work, worked in the construction site, but because of that heavy work of low wages, at last a long time in Chenggong looking for farm work, after all, grew up in the countryside, more work started". Chenggong Dounan flower market is the largest flower production and trading center, is one of Asia’s largest flower market. Flower flowers around the base of 400 hectares, every listed more than and 50 species, more than and 300 flower varieties, on turnover of 3 million to 4 million yuan. Every day, more than 8000 domestic and foreign merchants and farmers gathered here to begin trading from 2:00 a.m.. After 7, nearly a hundred tons of flowers from Dounan sold to neighboring countries and regions and domestic large and medium-sized city in Japan, South Korea and Singapore etc.. A large number of flower production and trade, to the station workers have brought many jobs. Du has been standing here for 5 years, he also)相关的主题文章:

Truman in 1949 to alienate China and the Soviet Union had planned to bring Taiwan to the Communist P

Truman in 1949 to alienate China and the Soviet Union had planned to bring Taiwan to the core tip: how to close the Communist Party of China? It’s easy to sell Jiang Jieshi and you’ll give Taiwan to the Chinese Communist party. Is not the Communist Party of China to liberate Taiwan, you let him come, we absolutely no matter. So that Mao Zedong would not form an alliance with the Soviet Union, and the United States would win in strategic interests. Truman heard of this high, or Acheson. This paper from the Truman data figure:, author: anonymous, secret: the original title: Mao Zedong first visited the Soviet Union forced Stalin to sign a treaty of friendship. Stalin again made concessions, why? This is Chinese role, or the Soviets, why Stalin made substantial concessions, I see from the material, there are two main reasons, not Chinese, nor the Soviet people, Americans in this role. Mao Zedong came to the Soviet Union after a very sensational, because China has just established, the Chinese head of state went to Moscow, and stay for one or two months did not come back, what do you do there? Americans began pondering this matter, because the United States policy on China has been wavering, after the fight from the civil war, the Americans have hesitated, what does not support the Kuomintang government, who say that should support, another group said. To discuss, to discuss, and finally they set a policy, such as the dust settles, we see clearly and then decide who to support in the end. In December 1949, the dust has settled, the national government moved to Taiwan, the People’s Republic of China government has set up, and Mao Zedong went to Moscow, so Americans face a choice, now have to stand, what is the recognition of the new government, or continue to maintain this diplomatic relations and national government. In December 29th, the U.S. National Security Council held a policy seminar, the two sides different views, heated debate. The military, Department of defense, the Joint Chiefs of staff firmly support Jiang Jieshi, said during the civil war we retreat, a let, where we go when the party to which we have no place to withdraw, withdraw, now left Taiwan, if we give Taiwan to the Communist Party of China, the United States in the far east line will be threatened, so now the country must make clear to support Jiang Jieshi, the Communist Party cannot give China an opportunity, this is the main point of the military. But the State Department does not agree, Acheson said that you look at the issue from a military point of view, we should look at the issue from a political point of view, what is politics? First you have to distinguish who is the enemy, who is a friend of the Communist Party of China is not our enemy, our real enemy is the Soviets, if not his energy, money is used to deal with the Chinese Communist Party, and give up the main enemy, be at a strategic blunder, so he said Americans should adopt the policy of the Communist Party of China is close. The Sino Soviet split, can not let the Sino Soviet Alliance, in this strategy we will succeed. How can we get close to the Communist Party? It’s easy to sell Jiang Jieshi and you’ll give Taiwan to the Chinese Communist party. Is not the Communist Party of China to liberate Taiwan, you let him come, we absolutely no matter. So Mao Zedong would not form an alliance with the Soviet union.相关的主题文章:

Tang Taizong two steed, how went to the Museum of University of Pennsylvania carmex润唇膏

Tang Taizong two steed, how went to the Museum of University of Pennsylvania [Abstract] this is the story of six steed in the "SA Lu Zi" and "Quan Mao University of Pennsylvania Museum Tibet Kwa" story. Now in the possession of the Museum of University of Pennsylvania’s "SA purple dew" stone Author: Carle · Meyer, Xie Lin; · Brissac [Abstract] in the past two centuries, Westerners came to China, from the cave, and the palace painting room for taking away the art treasures, sculpture, furniture, porcelain, calligraphy and painting a lot of treasures. "Who Chinese" described in the collection from the Opium War to 1949 this period, the American led Western collectors how to try to gain a history of China art, these relics eventually gave birth to the Chinese antiques market flourished in Europe, but also stimulate Chinese rely on the art market prompted the national treasures back to. This is the story of six steed in the "SA Lu Zi" and "Quan Mao University of Pennsylvania Museum Tibet Kwa" story, the surging news by CITIC Publishing Group authorized to publish. 1935 to 1936, the Chinese art collectors in the United States for the first time in the global debut. It is a landmark Chinese international art exhibition, held in Piccadilly Burlington house of the Royal academy. There are 240 agencies to display exhibits, including not only the United States Museum, as well as China’s first to allow a large number of foreign countries to display the national treasure". To transport 93 boxes in more than and 800 China palace treasures, the British Navy provides a ship named HMS Suffolk escorted ships. George Burroughs and Posey Wahl Youmofu · · David was Britain’s two greatest collectors. They the British Museum and Robert · Lockhart · Hobson, the famous antique dealer loo and Yamanaka Jojiro work together, help to arrange the concentrated exhibition of art. The Expo is said to be the largest ever Chinese exhibition, create a great sensation. At the same time, there is no lack of criticism. The international exhibition of Chinese art is the background of the Japanese occupation of the puppet Manchuria, and ready to invade china. The Chinese government hopes to gain international sympathy and hope that the world will appreciate Chinese art. Therefore, the appreciation of Western art for the first time to China, epoch-making side by side are comparable with each other. Of course, there are some mumbling voice complain. The West believes that China did not come up with their best painting, foreign experts do not feel able to distinguish the difference between good and bad, so the Western scholarship program delayed for decades. Chinese, especially the Tsinghua University researchers believe that foreigners get selected exhibits right, can not ensure the safety of the Chinese lend exhibits, "should not be the important and valuable treasures to foreign countries", and "British Museum was once the art collection, regardless of its value, will not allow it out of the door of the museum". The urgent desire of the Chinese government has not been affected by the opposition. The Republic of China is eager to cultivate the good faith of the West for its own sake.相关的主题文章:

Russia and the United States are preparing for a nuclear war U.S. military simulation of throwing nu spyair

Russia and the United States are preparing for a nuclear war? The US military simulation of dropping the bomb — military — Eastern Russian military exercises launched Islamic Kandel missile. The friction between the United States and Russia recently by the western media has risen to the level of nuclear standoff. According to Western media reports, the United States recently conducted a nuclear test on the model, in order to prepare for the nuclear confrontation with Russia, while Russia in Kaliningrad by deployment of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads in response to the United States and NATO’s step by step. Between the United States and Russia third world war sounds triggered at any moment. Experts believe that the relations between the United States and Russia tensions is not false, but now both Russian actions are not more than the normal range of military operations. Western media hype, on the one hand is to create a gimmick to attract attention, on the other hand, the West deliberately put pressure on Russia means. Canada’s Center for global studies published the website entitled "The Pentagon ready for nuclear war? The U.S. military on simulating nuclear test in the Nevada desert article said that the United States recently in the Nevada desert were two 700 pound bomb put the simulation test, in order to do a good job with the Russian nuclear confrontation preparation. The article said that the U.S. Air Force’s two B-2 bombers over the past few days in the Nevada desert dropped two pounds of nuclear bomb model 700. The Pentagon is not only a public understanding of these tests, but also intends to warn Russia, the United States is testing its old B61 nuclear bomb, to determine its accuracy and reliability, in order to prevent the outbreak of the third world war. In the United States to test a nuclear bomb model at the same time, Russia has not been idle. Reuters quoted U.S. intelligence officials as saying that Russia is Kaliningrad’s deployment of the "Islamic Kandel -M" missile system. "Islamic Kandel" system is Russia’s most advanced tactical missile, a range of about 500 kilometers, theoretically capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Since 2005, the Russian army began to equip the missile. Experts said that Russia is ready to nuclear war over interpretation of many Western media media, hoping to attract attention, and Western politicians and military hopes to put pressure on russia. It is not a rare phenomenon for the US air force to carry out the test of the nuclear bomb model as part of its reliability verification program. Experts said that the primary goal of the flight test is to obtain reliability, accuracy and performance data in a typical combat environment. This test is a part of the weapon system life extension project. U. S. researchers use data from these tests to assess the reliability of the weapon system through a computer simulation program developed by the National Laboratory and to determine whether they are in accordance with design. The United States Navy will also carry out inspection and verification of its nuclear deterrent system, the main approach is to regularly launch a trident II submarine launched intercontinental ballistic missile, with the degree of reliability and readiness test of the missile, usually with the international environment is not linked to the implementation of deterrence is not. Experts said that the deployment of the "Islamic Kandel" Russian missile in Kaliningrad has often been out for something, the United States is often said to deploy anti missile system in Eastern Europe, Russia will take the "Islamic Kandel" missile deterrence to NATO. In fact, the advantage of the missile is not相关的主题文章:

Gansu Baiyin rape and murder detection history eight rengong Secretary relay 28 years (video) tianbi

Gansu Baiyin rape and murder detection history: eight rengong Secretary relay in Gansu for 28 years 11 people raped "spree" caught hiding for 28 years for killing women in August 29th, a small room in Baiyin Baiyin cotton mill Jia Shu Lou Building No. 3 layer. 2006 to 2012, silver serial rape murder suspect Gao Chengyong had rented here. During this life, Gao Chengyong and his neighbors often play mahjong. Beijing News reporter Wujiang photo – the heard finally arrested the suspect, the old Interpol Zhang Duan (a pseudonym) tears. 1988 since the incident, the Public Security Bureau for Silver 8 director, artificial contrast at least one hundred thousand fingerprints, hundreds of forensic experts back and forth. Several generations living in the "silver police serial rape murder" under the shadow of the police even feel shy wearing uniforms. The murderer for 28 years, the case has finally broken. On the evening of August 27th, the night of the old city of silver was awakened by the sound of firecrackers". "Gao Chengyong suspects silver serial rape murder case" in the arrest, the news quickly spread throughout the city. Feng Mingqiang (a pseudonym) from the Internet to see the news, thousands of emotions welled up, finally came". The old man is 85 years old, can not afford to wait. 1986 to 1994, he served as deputy director of the Baiyin Public Security Bureau and silver branch secretary, when leaving the case did not break, the burden of his pressure for many years. Heard that the suspect was arrested, Interpol Zhang Duan (a pseudonym) shed tears. To his surprise, the high Chengyong completely instead of their own imagination in the brutal and violent. Not just them. At the time of the incident, a total of about 250 police officers involved in the case of the police system, they are saddled with a shadow of life, work. 28 years, silver Public Security Bureau for 8 director, artificial contrast at least one hundred thousand fingerprints, hundreds of forensic experts here back and forth. Now the burden has been lifted. 1988 "white shoe" dead: over the years the vicious murder of May 26, 1988 in the evening, Baiyin Yongfeng street, female worker Bai Jie silver company at the age of 23, killed at home. In his brother Bai Ming (a pseudonym) eyes, this is an honest, obedient girl. Outsiders look, she is beautiful, stylish, is the factory Flower "white shoes". Bai Ming told the Beijing News reporter, the day after work, he went home by bike, alone to see sister, open the door, not aware of, the house was turned to out of order, sister’s trousers being scratched, fell on the bed, his neck was cut with a knife, the bed there was blood everywhere. "I was terrified, Bai Ming immediately ran to the nearby police station Changtong factory, into a door, he shouted" kill, my sister was killed ". Received the news, silver branch secretary Feng Mingqiang immediately nervous. Because of the small silver mines and prosperity, peace for many years, has been a long time did not happen so tragic murder. The police Zhang Duan (a pseudonym) at this time received a police notice. A door, he smelled the smell of blood, white Jay’s throat was cut, almost broken head. "The first time to see such a tragic scene", has been in the post of a number of years, he felt unwell. There is a bloody handprint Bai Jie left leg medial, the right index finger fingerprint is very clear, otherwise a)相关的主题文章: